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The last Inca Community Qero trek & hiking

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5 Days / 4 Nights

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The Qero Nation is considered by many historians to be the last Inca community. Anthropologist Oscar Nuñez del Prado and historians Efrain Morote and Mario Escobar made the first visit to the Qero Nation in 1955, a date that became synonymous with the discovery of the last hereditary line of the Inkas. In the imperial Inca city of Cusco, to be identified as a Qero was to be greeted with respect, reverence and an invitation to eat in another’s home because of the important Qero historical status. On this trip you will experience the Inka way of life and ancestral customs. These customs and the names of the shamans (Paqos), which are Pampamesayoq and Altomesayoq, have been preserved in the hierarchical structure attributed to Pachamama (The Earth Mother) as well as to Qero techniques of cultivation and iconography. Over the last few decades, historians and anthropologists have visited the Qero Nation, including Elian Karp, the former first lady of Peru, who took an interest in learning more about the Qero Nation and showing the world the last known Inca community. We humbly invite you to follow her lead: adding the Qero Trek Tour to your Peruvian itinerary will immerse you in the last remnants of a 500-year-old culture.


Qero trek Day 01: Cusco – Paucartambo – Kallakancha

At 8:00 am we travel from Cusco to Paucartambo by bus, stopping at the Chullpas de Ninamarca (an ancient Inca cemetery). At 1:00pm we’ll have lunch, then walk to the town of Paucartambo to see the beautiful Carlos III Bridge.

Day 2: Kallakancha – Chuwa Chuwa

Around 7:00am, after a nutritive breakfast, horses and llamas will help us on our trek to Chuwa Chuwa village. Over 8 hours of trekking we will come across many waterfalls and Huamancaca Mountain; after lunch, we’ll continue trekking to Pampakasa High Pass (4,300m) where we can observe condors circling majestically around Ausangate Mountain, the highest in the region. Afterwards, we will arrive at the village of Chuwa Chuwa, our second campsite.

Day 3: Chuwa Chuwa – Hatun Qero

We leave Chuwa Chuwa at 7:30am and after 5 hours of trekking arrive at Hatun Qero. Along the way, nature will enchant us with numerous waterfalls and a rapid change in vegetation from barren highlands to lush plains. After lunch, we’ll meet the varayocs (mayors) of the Qero Nation. Evening come, we’ll participate in an ancient Andean ceremony: the ‘Pago a la Pachamama’ (Offering to the Mother Earth). This ceremony consists of several invocations to Inca gods to thank the land for the food provided.

Day 4: Hatun Qero -Tandaña

At 7:30am, our trek starts to Tandaña. This is a village where women hand-knit Andean garments using traditional techniques inherited from the Incas. While passing Huilka Kunka High Pass, we will see condors flying around Huamanripa Mountain (the God of the Qero Community).

Qero trek Day 5: Tandaña – Kallakancha – Cusco

After breakfast we descend to Kallakancha for lunch and then return to Cusco by bus.

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