Salkantay trek 4 days

  • Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Difficulty:
  • Code:
  • Distance: 22 miles
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  • Spend a night under the milky way at a comfortable camp high in the Andes.
  • Ascend the Salkantay pass, which is the Roof of the Vilcabamba mountain range, and enjoy the stunning views from the summit.
  • Improve your backpacking skills with help from local expert guides.
  • Hike and explore varies ecosystems, from the highlands to the Jungle
  • Join a team of local Cusquenian guides who will give you the best experience during the Salkantay trek.

Description Salcantay Trek

Salkantay trek is one of the alternate treks to the Inca Trail that in recent years was becoming very important for visitors and adventure lovers, especially when National Geographic announced it among the 25 best new treks in the world. This tour is normally done in 5 days and 4 nights but now Inkas Destination adapted the Salkantay trek to be able to do it also in 4 days so that our travelers who do not have many days in Cusco have the opportunity to do it without losing the visit to the main attractions of the Salkantay trek as the Humanatay lake, the Salkantay pass who are part of the main attractions to visit in this walk and do it in the trek of 4 days and for sure it ends up doing the visit to Machu Picchu.



Salkantay trek - wayracmachay

Early in the morning between 4:45 and 5:15 a.m. depending on where your hotel is located, pick- up is done, and then drive out in the north west direction of Cusco to the town of Mollepata, (2 800 m.a.s.l. 9 116 ft) where you have the opportunity to take an energetic breakfast, to then continue driving 20 min. to the small village of Markokasa, where we meet our muleteers and mules and we can send 5kg of our luggage on mules, from this place start the walk of 4-hour until the first camp in Soraypampa (3,825m.a.s.l. or 12,371ft) lunch, then begins the hike to Humantay Lake (4200 m.a.s.l. or 13776 ft) 1h30 minutes hike uphill and the same time of descent to the camp, dinner and spend the night.


Salkantay pass
Salkantay Pass.

Very early in the morning after breakfast begins the hike up to Salkantay pass (4615 m.a.s.l.or 15137 feet) approx 2 hours, from this place you have a panoramic view of the snowy Salkantay (6370 masl or 20893 feet) and the mountain range of the Vilcabamba as well as the Valley where the is downhill walk until to the Wayracpampa lunch spot, after lunch the landscape will change from the Andes to the High Jungle and start to see a lot of vegetation, we will continue walking down to Colpapampa (2800 m.a.s.l. or 9184 ft) place of the camp, dinner.


salkantay trek third day

After breakfast, we continue our descent to the town of Sawayaco (1900 m.a.s.l. 6232 ft.) continuing through the tropical jungle in this place says goodbye to the muleteers and horses and receives your luggage and takes a transport to the town of Santa Teresa (1550 masl or 5084 ft.) From there, we continue until Hidroelectrica, where we continue the trek to Machu Picchu around 2h / 30m to the town of Aguas Calientes (2000 m.a.s.l. or 6560 ft) where we will spend the night.


salkantay trek fourth day

Early in the morning we start the hike to Machu Picchu archeological park (2400 m.a.s.l. or 7872 ft.) 1h / 30m, in the cotrol of Machu Picchu the whole group meets and the guide begins the guided tour around 2 hours and after the guiding tour you will have free time to explore Machu Picchu, return to Aguas Calientes and take the train to Ollantaytambo train station where our transport is waiting to transfer them to Cusco.


Group Size

  • Min 10 - Max 20

Locations Vsited

  • Mollepata
  • Soraypampa
  • Soyrococha
  • Salkantay pass
  • Colpapampa
  • Playa Sawayaco
  • Santa teresa
  • Hydroelectric
  • Aguas Calientes
  • Machu Picchu

What's included

  • Pick up form the Hotel
  • Bus from Cusco to Mollepata
  • Muleteers and mules
  • Tent, mattresses, kitchen and dining equipment
  • Double tents
  • 4 breakfast / 4 lunch / 4 dinner
  • Cook
  • Transport from Playa sahuayaco to Santa teresa
  • One night accomodation in Aguas Calientes
  • Train tickets from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo
  • Entrance fee of Machu Picchu
  • Professional guide (English & Spanish-speaking)
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle
  • Return bus from Ollantaytambo to Cusco

Not included

  • Last lunch in Aguas Calientes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tips

What to bring (We recommend):

  • Sleeping bag.
  • Walk shoes or boots
  • Light clothes
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water bottle
  • Rain jacket, hat, sunblock, sunglasses
  • Chocolates, candies or another snacks
  • Camera (optional).
  • Extra money but in Nuevos Soles (Peruvian national currency)
  • Hiking poles


Salkantay Trek Map.


Group Service:

$319.00 USD

Private Service:

We also offer personalized Salkantay hike in private groups. If you are interested in taking a private tour with us, please clarify in form.

The prices are per person and in USD (United States Dollar).


Who will participate in the tour with me?

We propose 2 types of Trek: in private or in group. In private, only friends and our staff will be part of the Trek; although the type of Trek preferred by some, is the most expensive formula. However, most prefer, by own desire and for reasons of budget, a Trek group; This means that you do the Trek accompanied by other hikers.

As it is impossible to know in advance (and for confidentiality) who will be part of your group, we can not respond accurately. Generally, it is a group of hikers of all nationalities and ages. We can summarize by saying that it is a small group of hikers with guides, pack horses and horsemen. It is noted that, as far as possible (tourists without a fixed departure date, etc) we try to group in a same trek up of people of the same nationality and age range.

What are the departure dates?

During these periods, we offer departures every day of the week, including holidays.

What to do with my luggage during the Trek?

Most places where you might stay (hotel, hostel or boarding houses) can store your luggage for free during the Trek. We also gladly can save it; all you have to do is bring it to our office the day before the Trek.

How many people is allowed to be in group?

The maximum size of the group in any of our tours is 12 people. We have considered 12 people,so is to have better communication and attention with the guide.

What if altitude sickness affects me?

When traveling along the Andes in Peru some people will suffer some effects of altitude sickness (Soroche). If you plan to hike the Salkantay is recommend arriving 2 or 3 days before to acclimatize and rest. We also recommend taking Mate de Coca which is very good to oxygenate the blood.

What is the difference between the Salkantay trek 4 and 5 days?

The difference between the salkantay trek of 4 and 5 days is the third day. On the 4-day hike, you will take a transport from the well known dome "LaPlaya" to Hidroeléctrica, and from this point you will walk for 2 hours until you reach the town of Aguas Calientes. In the trek of 5d / 4n the third day you spend the night in the village of Santa Teresa and you have the opportunity to visit and relax in the hot springs of Cocalmayo (highly recommended).

Can I apply vegetarian feeding Salkantay route?

In case you are a vegetarian, there is no problem, just inform us at the time of booking and indicate that you are 100% vegetarian. In the case of being allergic or "free gluten", please indicate which products or foods can not be in your diet.

What is the best time to do Salkantay Trek?

This is a difficult question to answer because Peru has a wide variety of climatic conditions. We would say travelers can visit Peru any time of year.

The dry season lasts from May to November and usually the time when more is recommended. However, this is also the coldest time of year. Nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing. June, July and August are the most popular months to visit so they tend to encounter much larger crowds during these months.

In the rainy season (December to April), you can expect a lot of rain in some days of the week. For travelers who do not mind a bit of drizzle and muddy trails, at this time of year it offers fewer people and very green landscapes with wildflowers and flowering orchids often. The most beautiful seasons, April, June or September to November offer the best of both worlds. They usually have fewer people and warmer than the height of the dry season temperatures, but still tend to have relatively little rain.

Can I do Zipline tour?

Yes, it is possible, you only have to add $ 30 dollars at the time of the reservation, so we have everything coordinated. The Zip-line is made the fourth day of the tour.

Is it possible to deliver part of my luggage by horse?

The horses carry the equipment of camping and the food. For our clients it is allowed to send up to 5KL of luggage on horse, without any additional cost. The horses accompany the group until the lunch of the third day, from that moment each one is in charge of carrying his luggage.

If you wish to rent an additional saddle horse (To mount) the cost is 100 soles per day.

Can I buy snacks and water along the trek?

Every year this route of the Salkantay has been improving and implemented, so in each camp there is a small shop where you can buy some snacks and water, when making your purchase in these small shops we are contributing to the improvement of the economy of these families.

What is the best footwear to carry Salkantay route?

The Salkantay trek is a demanding tour, it is highly recommended to have hiking shoes, water resistant, strong for areas of stone, and much better if they are model boots, as it protects the ankle and optimizes the hike for the enjoyment of your journey to Machu Picchu. We also recommend wearing sandals to relax your feet after the trek.

Huayna Picchu Mountain is included in the package?

No, it is not included the entrance to Huayna Picchu, but if you are interested in climbing we recommend to make the reservation in advance of 3 to 4 months, since the spaces are limited and they are exhausted quickly.

To add this mountain to the Salkantay trek package you have to add $ 20.00 to the cost of the tour.

How long should I book in advence?

Every year this trek becomes more famous, as well as the Inca Trail, which is why we recommend making the reservation with 2 or 3 months in advance to have no problem with the income to Machu Picchu and the train tickets that are sold out quickly.

How many people sleep in 1 tent?

Our sleeping tents have a capacity for 4 people, but we use it only for 2 people per tent for passenger comfort. If you travel alone you will have to share with another person a tent which our guide will take care of.

You can also request a tent just for you, with an additional cost of $ 30.00.

What if you get sick and couldn't continue the trek?

These cases of abandoning the tour for a disease are very rare, but if this happens our guides are prepared for any emergency. They have a kit of first aid and oxygen, and in the extreme case that you have to leave the group, our guides help and advise to return or continue to the nearest health center.

What should I bring?

The Salkantay trek is a trek that walks through the Andes of Peru and you get to camp at 3900 m.s.n.m. (Soraypampa camp), is also climbed to a height of 4600 m.s.n.m. (Salkantay pass) from where it descends until the 2800 m.s.n.m. The last days it is at an altitude of 2000 m.s.n.m for all this it is necessary to wear warm clothes for the first two days and for the following days light clothes. All this can compact it in a backpack of 40L or 30L and a small bag to use it daily.

We recommend carrying:

  • Warm coat
  • Jacket for rain
  • Walking shoes
  • Flips flops
  • Lantern
  • 3 short poles
  • 1 polar
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Passport
  • Mosquito repellent (in cream)
  • Money in soles

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